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Planning production batches requires attention to both sale orders and inventory levels. By using Work'sTruly you can easily plan production with a bill of materials, shortage material notifications, quality checks, wastage records, automatic stock updates, etc.

Customize as per your need.

You can define categories, subcategories, and UOM as required. It enables you to create and track production faster.

Plan production, control shortages and maintain quality with ease.

Plan production in batches. Get to know about required raw materials. Get notified about shortages of raw materials and procure raw materials in time. You can also set quality checks with printable certificates.

Offer the best possible products.

No need to remember product composition for the party. All the BOMs are stored for parties.

Manage production with pinpoint stock accuracy.

You can record product wastage and any by-products produced during production.

Get perfect stock counts, at any time.

Fed up with never-matching inventory levels? The raw material, product, and by-product stock levels automatically get updated according to the status of the production batch.

Always stay up to date.

Recording data into the app is not enough. Get to know whether the production batch is still open, in progress, or completed, and update the statuses from the field.

And much more...

Never miss a thing that needs your attention.

Get notified about shortage raw material for production batch in real-time.

Make better decisions by staying informed.

Just tap and get in-depth reports about production trend, products by number of units produced, goods by number of units used as raw.

You decide who sees what.

Make finding information easy for team members by setting up module access.

Share data with ease.

Every module data and report can be exported to Excel Sheets and PDF Documents.

Nothing can stop you.

Nail production planning with perfect quality on the go with the mobile application.

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App for Small-Medium Business and Self-Employed