The only all-in-one business app you’ll ever need.


No more notes. Use Work’sTruly to form teams, assign tasks, defining project goals, track project completion and achieve targets on time. Take control of your to-dos and never be off track.


Recording transactions on paper is a thing of past. Work’sTruly lets you keep accounts including basic info, contacts, orders, payments etc. Get a clear idea about opening and closing balances. Win the trust of third parties and customers.


Are you into manufacturing? Manage production seamlessly using Work'sTruly. Add production batches along with defining raw materials. Know about profit margins. Always stay up to date about raw material usage and production trend.


Tired of managing your inventory manually? Enter item purchases using Work’sTruly and always be informed about the stock in hand. Managing product catalogs has never been so easy. No more confusions and always stay on top.


Forget last-day-of-the-month blues. Work’sTruly makes it super easy to do payroll for your staff. Keeping attendance, applying for leaves, approvals, tracking leaves and pay; everything has been taken care of. Give your team the best they can wish for, in return for their hard work.

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Who doesn’t love numbers? Work’sTruly provides you beautiful reports such as purchase trend, sale growth, item performance, P&L, financial statements, party ledgers and more. Impress your Accountant with sensible reports.

App for Small-Medium Business and Self-Employed