The only all-in-one business app you’ll ever need.

Win more leads.

Struggling to keep up with generated leads? Work’sTruly can help you assign salesmen to leads, record interactions with them, schedule follow-ups, and close leads successfully.

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Quote the best possible deals.

Presenting quotes with perfect rates and converting them into sales is a tedious task. Work'sTruly lets you create GST or non-GST quotes with party-wise rates, custom validity, terms, and conditions, etc.

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Drive more sales.

Still, managing sales manually? Use Work'sTruly to manage sale orders, create GST and non-GST invoices with customer-wise selling rates, in-stock traceability, preset invoice formats, Goods Dispatched Note (GDN), etc.

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Deliver with confidence.

Are deliveries taking more time? Use Work'sTruly to create GST or non-GST delivery challans in no time along with traceable item stock, delivery terms, payment terms, status updates, etc.

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Control material costs and shortages.

Finding it difficult to decide what to purchase and what not? Work’sTruly makes your purchase easy with purchase orders, party-wise rates, credit limits, automatic catalog creation etc.

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Nail production planning with perfect quality.

Planning production batches requires attention to both sale orders and inventory levels. By using Work'sTruly you can easily plan production with a bill of materials, shortage material notifications, quality checks, wastage records, automatic stock updates, etc.

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Manage third-party work easily.

Managing work orders is a cumbersome task. Work'sTruly lets you create work orders with supplied raw materials, processed items, automatic stock counts and status updates, etc.

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Always stay on top without stock confusion.

Tired of managing your inventory manually? Enter item purchases using Work’sTruly and always be informed about the stock in hand. Managing product catalogs has never been so easy.

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Offer the best service customers can get.

Failing to give regular service to customers? Work'sTruly will never let you miss a service with customized service contracts, Auto Scheduling, worksheets, and service assignments.

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Complete projects on time by controlling your to-dos.

Missing project deadlines? Use Work’sTruly to form teams, assign tasks, define project goals, and track tasks, and project completion.

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Win the trust of customers and suppliers.

Recording transactions on paper is a thing of the past. Work’sTruly lets you keep accounts including basic info, contacts, orders, payments, etc. Get a clear idea about opening and closing balances.

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Give your team the best they can wish for.

Forget last-day-of-the-month blues. Work’sTruly makes it super easy to do payroll for your staff. Keeping attendance, applying for leaves, approvals, tracking leaves and pay; everything has been taken care of.

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Make better decisions by staying informed.

Who doesn’t love numbers? Work’sTruly provides you with beautiful reports such as purchase trends, sale growth, item performance, P&L, financial statements, party ledgers, and more.

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