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Finding it difficult to decide what to purchase and what not? Work’sTruly makes your purchase easy with purchase orders, controlled purchasing, supplier-wise rates, credit limits, automatic catalog creation, Goods Received Note (GRN), etc.

Say no to double entries.

Like most of the softwares, you don't need to create item masters before creating a purchase order. Work'sTruly automatically detects a new item and adds it to the catalog and updates details if the item is present already.

No more payment worries.

You can choose whether to allow ordering if credit at the supplier is over the set limit. You can control when to enable purchasing and when to not.

Follow industry standards with ease.

A dedicated store department that looks after material inward and outward can record stock movements against purchase orders. Printable Goods Received Note (GRN) automatically gets generated accordingly.

Reduce fraud risks by getting genuine information.

Verify GSTIN for parties right into the app without leaving it. You can even set verified information to party details with just a tap.

Purchase orders are powered by automatic and perfect calculations.

You can create non-GST or GST purchase orders. Supplier Wise item rates are picked up automatically. Preset payment and delivery terms get applied to orders which you can always edit.

Present beautiful, easily readable purchase orders.

Different purchase order formats have been already defined to ease your work. Just choose the company logo, what content should be in the purchase order, and where it's placed.

Get perfect stock counts, at any time.

Fed up with never-matching inventory levels? The purchased item stock levels automatically get updated according to the status of the purchase order.

Source and store anywhere.

While creating and handling purchase orders and purchase invoices, you can choose between the Warehouses, where the items are sourced and stored.

Always stay up to date.

Recording data into the app is not enough. Get to know whether the purchase order is still open, in progress, or delivered, and update the statuses from the field.

And much more...

Never miss a thing that needs your attention.

Get notified about pending purchase orders, outstanding purchase invoices passed due date and purchase invoices due within a week in real-time.

Make better decisions by staying informed.

Just tap and get in-depth reports about purchase trend, items by number of units purchased, suppliers by number of units ordered.

You decide who sees what.

Make finding information easy for team members by setting up module access.

Share data with ease.

Every module data and report can be exported to Excel Sheets and PDF Documents.

Nothing can stop you.

Control material costs and shortages on the go with the mobile application.

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