Release Notes - Windows App

v4.1.0 December 23, 2023

What's New

• Quote to Sale Order: Create a Sale Order directly from Quote, with just a click.

• Supplier Note on Purchase Orders: You can mention specific Note for Supplier on Purchase Order. Set the default Supplier Note field from Purchase Preferences which you can always change specific to Supplier at the time of creating Purchase Orders.

• Secondary Storage Levels: All the Items can have Secondary Storage Levels in terms of storage locations. Five storage levels named Zone, Aisle, Rack, Shelf, and Bin have been implemented. Storage Levels get saved against the Warehouse. Define them from the Warehouse Details screen.

• Multiple Bill of Materials: Semi-Products and Products can now have multiple Bill of Materials along with Byproducts specified as per the grade and standard of material. While planning the Production Batch you will be able to select desired Bill of Material.

• Raw Material Inspection Reports: While recording Purchases you can now choose to create Raw Material Inspection Reports with an exportable PDF report attached.

What's Improved

• Stock Movement: Record stock movement Inward entry against Purchase Invoice.

What's Fixed

• Sale Order to Sale Invoice: Converting the Sale Order to Sale Invoice was getting glitches due to no financial year specified.

v4.0.0 September 10, 2023

What's New

• Sale Orders: Until now, we have only recorded Sale Invoices. Now users can also add Sale Orders and convert them into Sale Invoices directly. Please note that the 'Sales' module now have been divided into 'Sale Orders' and 'Sale Invoices'. Sale Orders are printed in PDF format.

• Purchase Orders: Previously, we have merged Purchase Orders into Purchase Invoices. Now users can also add Purchase Orders and convert them into Purchase Invoices directly. Please note that the 'Purchases' module now has been divided into 'Purchase Orders' and 'Purchase Invoices'.

• Item Categories and Subcategories: You can now set Categories and Subategories to items.

What's Improved

• Duplicate Service Contracts: While adding new Service Contracts against Customer, if you wish to clone existing Service Contract details, you can do so now with a button next to Service Contract.

What's Fixed

• GST Calculations for Lakh values: Item rates including GST and in the range of Crore were causing GST Calculations to go wrong in paise. This has been fixed now.

v3.10.3 March 16, 2023

What's New

• Secondary Address: If you have separate company office address and manufacturing facility, or business outlet then you can add additional address by going to 'Profile -> Organisation -> Edit'. Both addresses will get printed on all documents such as Sale Invoice, Delivery Challans, Purchase Order, Quotes and Quality Check Certificates.

• Description in Ledgers: Payment, Credit, and Debit Note Transactions now have related descriptions in Ledgers.

What's Improved

• Ledger View: Ledger view in customer and supplier analytics has been improved to achieve better readability.

What's Fixed

• Joining Team by Invite: Some members couldn't accept invite and join to existing team. This has been fixed.

v3.10.2 November 16, 2022

What's New

• Customer-wise Sale for Salesman: Now, you can get detailed analytics about customer-wise sale total for selected salesman, in given period, with export functionality.

• User set Function Keys: User can set shortcut function keys as shortcuts to desired module.

What's Improved

• Default Month View: All the date-sensitive modules will now have month view as default to reduce load times.

v3.10.1 October 4, 2022

What's New

• Printing Non-GST Invoices without header and footer: Users can now have the option to print only buyer information, and item particulars on Non-GST invoices and delivery challan.

What's Improved

• Menu Icons: All the module icons on the menu has been changed to coloured versions to achieve better view.

• Salesman Analytics: Analytics for salesman now contains both, 'sale to assigned customers' created by anyone and 'sale orders created by salesman'.

v3.10.0 September 18, 2022

What's New

• Stock Movements: You can now record stock inward movement against Purchase Order, an outward movement against Sale Order, and transfer movement between two warehouses with Goods Received Note (GRN) and Goods Dispatched Note (GDN) PDFs generated. Please note that this feature is in development and will be completed by taking customer suggestions by the month end.

v3.9.0 August 2, 2022

What's New

• Delivery Challans: You can now manage Delivery Challans of GST and non-GST types. Also, PDF copies will be genrated. You can set format, page specs and other related settings from Preferences -> Delivery Challans.

What's Fixed

• Quotations: The empty Terms and Conditions while updating Quotes has been fixed.

v3.8.3 July 21, 2022

What's New

• Salemanwise Sale Analytics: You can now, track a salesman's sale performance via Analytics under 'Sales -> Salesmanwise Sale Trend'.

What's Improved

• Analytics Overview: Rather than being just category-specific, Analytics now shows you different subcategories for each module you can analyze. That way we have improved the overall performance of the Analytics module.

• Maximum Character Lengths: Item descriptions, Terms, and Conditions on Sale order, Purchase order, and Quotations can now contain double the info than earlier.

What's Fixed

• Projects: Project name containing special characters has been fixed.

v3.8.1 June 16, 2022

What's New

• Credit and Debit Notes: You can now create Credit Notes and Debit Notes for Customers or Suppliers along with description via 'Money' module.

What's Improved

• Analytics: Analytics module has been improved to attain more speed.

• Readability: Overall readability within app has been improved by changing field heading label colour.

v3.8.0 May 11, 2022

What's New

• Assign Member to Parties: You can now assign member to customer or lead parties as Account Managers.

• Dispatch Lists: In Sales, printing dispatch list is now available. Dispatch Period is taken into consideration to create list which can be filtered out by Party Names. You can also export dispatch lists to PDF format.

• 'Salesman' as a new Role: Inviting new member now has new account role as 'Salesman'. By default salesman will be able to access Customers, Sales, Leads and Quotes. And Salesman will be able to view only personal Orders and Parties.

What's Improved

• Sold Items Table Widths: While printing invoice, Sold Items table widths has been improved to contain 7 or 8 digit HSN or SAC Numbers without spanning two lines.

• Member Names Non-Editable: From now on, no members will be able to change their Personal Names as Name already assigned to Tasks, Parties, and Orders can't be changed and can create ambiguities.

What's Fixed

• Party Ledgers: Party Ledger on the party details screens are now fixed to view all relevant orders and transactions.

v3.7.3 Apr 24, 2022

What's New

• Item-wise Discounts: While creating Sale Orders you can now apply item-wise discuonts. Discounts will be automatically saved and fetched partywise according to GST or Non-GST Sale Orders.

• Page Numbers in Invoices: Sale Invoice PDF files now contains Page Numbers as a footer. The format for the page numbers is currently set to fixed as #[invoice_number](Page N of N). We will enable users to set format in upcoming releases.

What's Improved

• Party Ledgers: Previously, party ledgers were only visible via Analytics which was quite tedious. Now, you can view ledgers directly on the party details screen.

v3.7.2 Apr 5, 2022

What's New

• Customer Outstanding on Invoices: You can choose to turn on printing Customer Balance on invoices. This can be turned on from 'Preferences -> Invoice -> Print Customer Outstanding'.

• Customer Outstanding for Sale Orders: Each Sale Order now contains Total Customer Outstanding Amount till Order Date.

What's Fixed

• Deleting Multiple Sold Items from Sale Orders: Removing multiple sold item from while creating Sale Order has now been fixed.

v3.7.1 Apr 1, 2022

What's New

• Multi-Warehouse support: One organization can now have multiple warehouses. Everyone starts with the Primary warehouse. Items also have warehouse-wise in stock records which get updated in real-time as per Purchase and Sale.

• Starting Balances for Parties: Customers and Suppliers have Starting Balances. This will facilitate smoother onboarding from the existing system to Work'sTruly.

• Free items in Sale Orders: While creating a Sale order, you can now add duplicate items with Zero rates to depict free items.

What's Improved

• Light Menu: The menu color has been changed to Light to achieve more visibility in high-lit areas.

• Party-wise Selling rates for items: items now have party-wise selling rates separate for GST and Non-GST orders.

v3.7.0 Feb 27, 2022

What's New

• Party-wise Item Selling Rates: Item rates now get stored party-wise. In the Sale order, while adding any item, the latest party-specific selling rate gets automatically fetched.

• FSSAI License Numbers: For users in Food Industry, every party has FSSAI License Number property. You can also set this for your organisation from 'Profile->Organisation Details'.

• Printing Customer Available Credit on the invoice: You can choose if you want to print customer available credit on the invoice.

• Printing Invoices on Letterheads: If you already have letterheads printed for your organisation, you can have the invoices printed right onto it, with top and bottom margins enabled.

What's Improved

• Invoices Length: Invoices can now contain more items (almost double) than before.

• Sale and Purchase Order windows: New and Edit Sale and Purchase Order windows now have more space for Sold Items and Purchased Items. Party-specific details get toggled while creating an order hence leaving more space for particulars.

What's Fixed

• Party Notes: Viewing notes for parties has been fixed.

v3.6.4 Jan 19, 2022

What's New

• Verify GSTIN: You can now verify party GSTIN right from the app. It has been made available through new Sale Orders and new customer, supplier or lead screens.

v3.6.3 Dec 16, 2021

What's New

• Service Contract Status for Customer: The customer list now contains the new column named 'Service Contract Status' to view its contract status as 'Active', 'Near Expiry' or 'Expired'.

• Party-specific Tasks and Projects: Customers and Leads now contain task or project tabs right into the details pane.

• View or Hide Columns: You can now view or hide columns from lists. Click on the view/hide column button adjacent to the search bar and select columns to view or hide.

What's Improved

• Search Bar: The search bar now resides at top of the list.

• Action Buttons: Action buttons like edit, reset, delete, cancel for particular entries have been changed to the icons to leave more space for other important information to display.

• Menu Button: The icon of the menu button has been changed to four circles.

v3.6.1 Jun 18, 2021

What's New

• Quotes: Quotes: You can now create order Quotes for Customers and Leads.

• Projects: Create individual or party-specific projects and manage with ease.

• Workflows: Define Workflows according to your in-house process and use them within Projects.

• Tasks: Tasks get automatically scheduled as per Workflows. One can also create new Tasks altogether and manage a to-do list.

v3.5.0 Apr 07, 2021

What's New

• Lead Management: You can now manage sales leads with the ability to set and track lead statuses.

• Party Interactions: Customers, Suppliers, and Leads hold interaction records. You can log interactions of Phone, Email, or Meeting types for a specific party.

• Total Percentage in Recovery: While calculating Recovery for production batches, the total percentage is now displayed.

What's Improved

• Delivery Number Character Length: Dispatch Document Numbers, E-Way Bill Number, and Delivery Challan Number can now hold up to 15 characters.

• Base Rate for BOM: In the production batch, the BOM item's purchase rate is without taxes.

• UOM with Digits: The unit of measurements for the item can now be defined with Numbers in it.

• Item Quantity: Quantities for the item can have up to 9 digits.

What's Fixed

• Party Names with Slash symbol: Fetching details of parties with Slash symbol in the name is fixed.

v3.4.1 Mar 24, 2021

What's Improved

• Purchase Orders: Purchase orders can now contain purchased items with 'Zero' selling rates.

• Quality Check Certificate: The maximum number of characters allowed for Quality Check Certificate column header texts changed to 30.

What's Fixed

• Analytics Heading Texts: Some heading texts from the Analytics module were not displaying properly. This has been fixed.

• By-Product Analytics: By-Product Analytics has been fixed to show correct 'produced vs. used as raw vs. sold' values.

• Ledgers: Customer and Supplier ledgers have been fixed not to trim starting characters of closing balances.

• Email Checking: In the case of a long email, checking it for correctness was taking much time, sometimes freezing the application. This email checking has been fixed throughout an app.

v3.4.0 Mar 17, 2021

What's New

• Modern Separate Tax Invoice Format: New invoice format, same as Modern but containing separate tax information, added. Previously existing 'Modern' format has been renamed with 'Modern Consolidated Tax'. Due to size constraints, this invoice format only supports A4 page size.

• By-Products: New item category 'By-Products' has been introduced as requested by the users from Food Processing and Metal Recycling industry.

• Quality Check Parameters: Semi-Products and Products can now have predefined Quality Check Parameters. These parameters can be assigned with values in the production batch.

• Quality Check Certificate Printing: Quality Check Certificate in PDF for production batch is generated if chosen by the user. You can find this setting in 'Preferences -> Production Preferences -> Print Quality Check Certificate'.

• Default Delivery and Payment Terms: You can now set default Delivery and Payment Terms to print on Purchase Orders. Users can change these terms while creating or updating Purchase Orders. You can set default terms from 'Preferences -> Purchase Preferences'.

• By-Products Analytics: Analytics module now contains the 'By-Products' module enabling users to view analytics related to it.

• Recovery Calculations: Recoveries for raw materials and product gets calculated while recording production batches.

What's Fixed

• Purchases with item quantities in decimals: Creating and updating purchase orders with item quantities in decimal points have been fixed.

v3.3.1 Mar 05, 2021

What's Fixed

• Sale Orders: Creating and updating sale orders for new parties fixed.

• Purchase Orders: Creating and updating purchase orders for new parties fixed.

v3.3.0 Mar 01, 2021

What's New

• Credit Limits: Customer and Supplier accounts can now have credit limits set in terms of amount and calendar days. You can also set default credit limits for newly generating customers and suppliers from 'Preferences'. By default, these values have been set to 'zero'. We recommend all users review these settings first.

• Sale preferences: You can choose what happens when the item to be sold in a sale order is out of stock or no credits available for the customer. For both cases, you can set whether to allow ordering or not. Related settings are present in 'Preferences -> Sale Preferences'. By default, you can not create sale orders if the selling item is out of stock or no credit available for the customer. We recommend all users review these settings first.

• Purchase preferences: You can choose what happens when no credits available at the supplier. You can set whether to allow ordering or not. Related settings are present in 'Preferences -> Purchase Preferences'. By default, you can not create purchase orders if no credit available at the supplier.

• Purchase order numbers: All the purchase orders henceforward will bear Order Number. Order numbers will be auto-incremented and will be unique for a particular financial year.

• Purchase order life cycle: Purchase orders will have 'Open' and 'Received' statuses. You can choose whether to allow purchase orders to have statuses set or not. By default, purchase orders will be set with 'Received' status. This setting can be found under 'Preferences -> Purchase Preferences'.

• Due dates: From now on, all the purchase orders, sale orders will have due dates. While creating or updating orders, due dates will be automatically set according to the credit period set for a particular supplier or customer party.

• Notifications: You will be notified about important content in Sales, Purchases, Productions, Items, and Servicings modules. Notifications can be seen by clicking the notification button adjacent to the Search Box.

• Invitations: Invited members can be viewed in the 'Team' module under the 'Invitations' tab.

• Module-specific Analytics: Analytics for a particular module can now be directly accessed from the module itself.

What's Improved

• Analytics module design: Due to the increasing number of modules, analytics now has a module name list to choose from.

v3.2.0 Jan 20, 2021

What's New

• Subscribe via different Payment Methods: No you can choose and pay for a subscription plan directly from the app with multiple payment options.

• Cancel Subscription: From the ‘Subscription’ section you can opt for canceling your subscription. All your data gets deleted upon canceling the subscription.

• Delete Member: If you wish to remove access to a particular member, you can now do that from the User Management section.

• Complaint Servicing Call: You can add complaint servicing manually.

What's Improved

• Servicing Autoscheduling: You decide whether servicing needs to be auto-scheduled. Also, you can state servicing count and interval while auto-scheduling.

What's Fixed

• Time Taken for Servicing: Calculating the average time taken to complete the servicing is now fixed.

v3.1.0 Jan 08, 2021

What's New

• Non-GST Invoices: Non-GST invoices can be created. Each time you add Sale entry, you can choose between GST and Non-GST invoice.

v3.0.0 Jan 02, 2021

What's New

• Invoice Number Prefix: You can now set invoice number prefix to sales invoices.

• Service Contracts: Define assign contract based services offered to customer with contract period and frequencies.

• Servicings module: Get auto-scheduled servicing records. You can manage servicings to set priorities and status etc.

What's Improved

• Reset Item In Stock: In case of incorrect in stock quantity arised due to manual errors, you can now reset item in stock as a last resort for goods, semi-products and products.

• Quantity in decimals: Item quantities can now be assigned in decimals.

What's Fixed

• Visit Preferences: Customer visit preferences now render perfectly even if not set by the user.

v2.3.0 Oct 21, 2020

What's New

• Use after Subscription Expires: Even if your subscription gets expired, you will now be able to view and backup all of your data by getting into the app.

• Service Visit Preferences: Customer records have been modified to include Service visit preferences.

v2.2.1 Sep 16, 2020

What's New

• Production: Manufacturing batches can now contain shortage of goods or semi-products.

• Production Preferences: You'll have option to allow or deny batch production if any raw material shortage is present from 'Production' section of 'Preferences'.

• Items: Goods, Semi-Products and Products will now have quantity to order or produce according to low stock limit and current shortage.

What's Fixed

• Production: Calculating Percentage Margin in production batch.

v2.2.0 May 01, 2020

What's New

• Semi-Products: For manufacturing businesses, semi-product aka semi-finished good as new item category. Semi-Products can be produced, sold, and used as raw in the final product manufacturing process. Analytics has a new ‘Semi-Product’ tab to get in-depth details about the same.

• New Items: Previously new goods and products were could only be added via adding new purchase orders and production batches respectively. But what if a new user wishes to add existing inventory into the system and start using the application. Users can now directly add existing goods, semi-products, and products in the inventory.

• Statistics: Key metrics can now be seen as respective to open module in the right-hand pane. For example, item details view the number of top-selling items, total worth in the stock, and total shortage in the stats section.

• Delete functionality: Purchases, Transactions, Customers, Suppliers modules get delete button. Only users with ‘Owner’ access can delete data. Though we’ve considered delete scenarios thoroughly, using the function responsibly is recommended.

• Payments: User profile has a new tab as ‘Payments’ to view user payments to Work’struly.

• Product Feedback: Users can send product feedback to the company right through the application by clicking on the button from the left hand menu.

• Help Center: To keep the user informed at any time, the application comes with Help Center which contains Tips to get started, forming a team, setting preferences and links to the online help section, etc.

What's Improved

• Menu: To be able to contain future modules, the app left-hand menu has been converted to a collapsible Full page menu. The left-hand menu contains Update, Feedback, Help Center, and Profile links. All the modules have been shifted to a full-page menu.

• Product Update: The Left-hand menu now contains a button to notify you about new updates. The icon of Rocket stays grounded always and when the update is available the icon changes to flying rocket. Also, you can check what's new without leaving the application.

• HSN maximum length: For HSN field of an item the maximum length has been changed from six to eight.

What's Fixed

• Barcode: Item barcode feature fixed to contain multiple bar codes scanned.

v2.1.0 June 19, 2019

What's New

• New Invoice Format: 'Preferences --> Invoice' section now allows you to choose between two invoice formats named, 'Simple' and 'Modern'. The older format is named as 'Simple'. On the other hand, newer 'Modern' invoice format contains a company logo, consolidated tax breakup within particulars section and delivery details.

• Company Logo on the invoice: You can upload the company logo to get printed on the invoice from 'Preferences --> Invoice Logo' section.

• 'Note' line: Now you can state a 'Note' line on your invoices. Only 'Modern' invoice format contains the 'Note' line.

• Delivery Details for Sale: Now you can state a delivery address, dispatch details for particular sale order. Please note that only 'Modern' invoice format contains delivery details.

• Export Ledgers to PDF: Customer and Supplier party-specific ledgers can now be easily exported to PDF format from Analytics module. Currently, only the A5 page size is supported for ledger printing. We'll implement more page sizes in the future.

• All Customers By Outstanding Amount: Till date user was able to view only 10 defaulter customers from Dashboard. We've added a provision to view all customers by the outstanding amount from the 'Analytics --> Customers' section. The list can also be exported to PDF and saved into 'Documents --> Work’sTruly --> Analytics' file location.

• All Suppliers By Outstanding Amount: You can view all suppliers by the outstanding amount from the 'Analytics --> Suppliers' section. The list can also be exported to PDF and saved into 'Documents --> Work’sTruly --> Analytics' file location.

• Subscription Expiry Notification: User will be notified about subscription renewal before 7 days of expiry.

• Extend Subscription: One can get full information about how to extend the subscription for Work’sTruly, from 'Profile --> Subscription' section. You can extend your subscription by making a payment through UPI-enabled payment apps like BHIM UPI, Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe and Freecharge etc.

What's Improved

• Declaration line length: Declaration line on the invoice can now contain 250 characters.

What's Fixed

• Dashboard: Top 10 Defaulters section of Dashboard has been fixed to exclude party names with zero outstanding amount.

• Ledgers: Width of the 'Particulars' column has been reset not to cut the text content.

v2.0.1 May 7, 2019

What's Fixed

• Editing Sale Order Details: Sold item in stock count is now fixed to add up original quantity while editing sale order details.

• Editing Production Batch Details: Raw item in stock count is now fixed to add up original quantity while editing production batch details.

v2.0 April 12, 2019

What's New

• Production: Work’sTruly is now embrassing product manufacturers with open arms. We've added new Production module to manage products and production batches. You can add new product by defining product specs, raw materials used and production batch details. Newly added products will automatically tend to Products tab in Items module and ready to sale. You can access Production from a button on the menu.

What's Improved

• Services: Henceforth, services will live on the separate module. You can now manage Services right from a button on the menu.

• Items: Module is improved to contain Goods and Products tabs. Newly purchased items will directly show under Goods which can be used as raw materials for production batches or sold directly. Where as newly added products from production batches will be under Products tab. One can view product details, it's production and sale by double clicking on product name.

• Analytics: Goods, Products and Services tabs have been added to Analytics module. You can analyse goods with units purchased, units used as raw and units sold. Goods tab also contain purchase trend, raw material usage trend and sale trend specific to a Good. Products tab contain all products with units produced, production and sale trends for specific product. Services tab enable you to view all services by times sold and sale trend of specific service.

What's Fixed

• Sales Export to Excel: Exporting sales to excel is now fixed to display cancelled bill status correctly.

• Editing Sale Order Details: Sold item in stock count is now fixed to add up original quantity while editing sale order details.

v1.1 March 5, 2019

What's New

• Auto Update: Work’sTruly can now notify you when there is new update available. The app logo in the menu will breath to depict new update is live. You can update the app by simply clicking on App logo from the menu. App also shows what changes have been made. Finally, clicking on Update button placed next to version number will download the latest update, and install it.

• Cancel sale order: You can now cancel the sale order as long as it's not been paid. Cancelled invoice number will not be used again to assure smooth accounting process at the end of the financial period. All the cancelled sale orders will be displayed with strike through text.

• Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts have been implemented throughout the app.